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Join A Team & Give Back This Holiday Season

Give back this holiday season by investing in a BGCC program such as Arts (Music, Photography & Theatre); Scuba, Robotics & STEM; Sports & Esports; Youth Development & Mentoring, Gardening and Nutrition

We are no longer accepting donations on this campaign, but there are other ways for you to support us today!

Join A Team & Give Back This Holiday Season

This holiday season, the Boys and Girls Club of Chester will host a competition to empower five different programs at BGCC. We invite you to join us by choosing which program to invest in. Participants can choose from such teams as Sports, Scuba & Robotics, Garden & Nutrition, or Youth Development & Leadership. Invite your friends to join along and help your team’s program win. Your donation will help provide a remarkable holiday season for the BGCC youth and an even better New Year.


Gardening & Nutrition

Teaching health & nutrition is one of our core values. Our garden features fruits and vegetables planted by our youth and master growers. Children learn the basics of gardening and are able to cook or take home food that they grew themselves! This program has won the Delaware County Youth Gardening award and continues to make an impact in the lives of youth everyday.

At the end of this program, personal cookbooks featuring recipes to try are available for $10. The BGCC currently grows over 30 different fruits and vegetables as well as nine herbs.



Scuba, Robotics & STEM

Introduced in March of 2016, our scuba diving program gives students the unique opportunity to develop skills in scuba diving and eventually become certified divers. The Atlantic Rangers Scuba Club volunteer their services to teach our members to “Try Scuba,” assisting them in learning the basics of scuba diving. In addition, this program combines scuba diving with robotics. With the assistance of instructors, participants get hands-on experience by building underwater robotic devices to compete against other robotics teams in the tri-state area.



Sports & Esports

At BGCC, we offer a diverse sports program, including Basketball, Tennis, Golf, Soccer, and have partnerships with professional sports teams in the Philadelphia area.

Our George E. Carter Spring Basketball League is an excellent way for our members to stay physically fit and active and develop their basketball skills. Our athletic directors and volunteers help run this league and train our members.



Youth Development & Leadership

BGCC is a 21st Century Learning Center. Our out of school time programs provide youth with the strategies, activities, resources, and information to become self-directed learners. We use evidence based programs such as Positive Impact and the IXL Academic program to teach youth valuable skills.

Through programs such as Power Hour, My.Future, Drug Free Communities, and our mentorship program, youth can experience multiple leadership and youth development opportunities to lead productive and successful lives.


Arts, Theatre, & Dance

Our youth can express their creativity through our arts and theater program. Students have the opportunity to perform on stage in plays they created, choreograph a dance routine, play guitar, design clothes, or perform a song they wrote. Through our experience volunteers and mentors, students gain guidance on how to develop their creative outlets.